Unlike any hospital in existence, one entire floor of the medical center will consist of offices for clergy of ALL faiths. This means that 24-hours a day at least one clergyman/clergywoman from each faith will be in an office prayerfully attending to the needs and the welfare of the children being treated at the medical center.

Over thirty years ago (30) I was blessed to attend high school with Robin Williams, in Marin County, California. Attending Redwood High School as part of an advanced education program, I was reluctant to want to "skip a grade," However, because of the introduction of Robin into my life, that transition was quickly made easy. An exceptionally talented individual, Robin enabled me to flourish in an environment that might have otherwise stifled and suffocated me. But, because of Robin's friendship, instead I was able to muster the courage to persevere in times of adversity. Robin then taught me how to use humor to underwrite the resilience I would need to survive any physical, mental or financial setback I might encounter later in life. Robin's help became the cornerstone upon which I would rely for the rest of my life.

As the years passed, despite efforts to keep in touch, as quite often happens in so many of our lives, the many demands upon Robin's life made it increasingly difficult to keep in touch. But I couldn't complain because Robin was now sharing with the world what he had shared with me and so many others in our high school, and those now after. Unfortunately, however, I will always feel as though I was never able to fully repay Robin for all the incredible things he had done throughout the years. For example, just a year or two prior to his passing, he went out of his way to help me financially help another non profit organization,
Special Spaces San Francisco. Special Spaces endeavors to create dream bedrooms for children with life-threatening illnesses. Special Spaces was founded in 2004 on the precedent that children battling life-threatening illnesses need their own special space. This is a place of home and inspiration, and a special space to find peace and comfort.

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It is these many, many gifts from Robin's heart that so many people were never aware that he had given while he was alive. Therefore, I very much want people to know not only of the many things Robin did, but to further nurture the love he had for children -- especially those physically disadvantaged. Therefore, with your help and the help of the community and all those that loved and cared for Robin, I hope you will join me in building of
The Heart Song Institute and Medical Center for Children.

To become a part of this mission as a fund raiser, web master, Board of Director, Committee Chairman, or any of the many various positions we have available to help bring the medical center to fruition, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be honored. Too, if you would like to donate to the efforts of building the medical center, please be sure to hit the DONATION button below and when making your donation, note that your gift is to be used for the establishing and building of
The Heart Song Institute and Medical Center for Children.

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